Racing Brake Pad / Ferodo FRP3042W


The DS1.11 is the flagship racing brake pad from Ferodo and has been developed using a chemical family known as ‘Siloxanes’. Siloxanes do not decompose at high temperatures meaning the DS1.11 has a very constant coefficient of friction throughout a wide temperature range and will remain fade free up to the highest temperatures a brake pad would ever encounter. The DS1.11 compound boasts the longest pad life in the Ferodo range (up to 3 times longer than the best selling DS3000 compound) and has very low compression providing shorter and more consistent pedal travel.

DS1.11 brake pads have been successfully used in Touring car, GT, Rally and single seater applications.

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Manufacturer Part # FRP3042W
Composition Semi-metallic
Category Endurance
Max Operating Temp 1400*F
Dust High
Noise Moderate
Bite/Mu High
Judder/Vibration Low
Pad Wear Moderate to Low
Rotor Wear Moderate

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Dimensions 17 × 11 × 8 cm