Fuel Pump / CARTER P72069 / NISSAN D21 PICKUP

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Electric Set In-Tank Pump & Strainer

NISSAN D21 PICKUP 1986-1989

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A Refueled Carter: With in-house R&D, engineering and manufacturing, Carter works tirelessly to perfect and produce innovative products that meet or exceed OE quality. Carter has a renewed commitment to provide industry-leading fuel systems with best-in-class coverage.

Fuel Pump Replacement: Do it right the first time!

Prior to Replacing Pump, check:

  • Fuel Pump Fuse(s)
  • Fuel Pump Relay
  • Voltage at the Pump – test for bad wiring
  • Voltage drop test – corroded connector, bad wiring
  • Fuel System Pressure – test for pump pressure being outside accepted range

When Replacing Pump, also:

  • Replace the Fuel Filter
  • Replace the Fuel Strainer
  • Clean / Flush Tank
  • Refill with fresh, uncontaminated fuel

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