Brake Disc / Brembo FS015000 / Audi

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Part Number: FS015000

Disc diameter: 288mm
Disc Thickness: 15

These discs are TUV approved

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What is the difference between Brembo drilled and slotted discs?

Drilled Brembo Sport Discs will operate at a slightly cooler temperature than the slotted version disc because of the added air surface created by the drill pattern. Slotted Brembo Sport Discs are recommended when using racing brake pad materials or the vehicle is submitted to extreme braking duties such as towing or hauling heavy loads. Both designs were engineered by Brembo to improve pad “bite”, improve wet weather performance, continuously refresh the brake pad and prevent gas from building up between the brake pad and disc.

You should ALWAYS fit new brake pads when installing new brakes discs

AP 14476E
ATE 24011501051
ATE 24111501051
ATE 24031501051
AUDI 4A0615301B
BENDIX 561547B
BOSCH 0986478545
BRAKE DI955149
JURID 561547J
METELLI 230263
SBS 1815204744
SBS 16097
TEXTAR 92057403
TEXTAR 92057400
TRW DF2650
VALEO 186270
ZIMMERMANN 100121500

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